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EMM Consulting

Established in Sydney, Australia, EMM is at the forefront and a recognised leader of the Australian environmental consulting market. The team adopt a partnering approach with clients to integrate advice and technical assessments into project designs to enable successful outcomes during all phases of a project life cycle. The company’s success in establishing constructive and integrated relationships with clients has led to successfully broadening technical services as clients’ needs have evolved.

The company culture and strong team ethos is driven by over 250 people who work across Australia, and now, in Ontario and British Columbia. EMM is an agile business with people and offices established to align clients’ needs.  The recent expansion into Canada represents an exciting new chapter in the company’s growth and natural evolution as a leading provider of environmental services. The team in Canada are passionate about providing innovative solutions to clients challenges via localised support.

Creating sustainable value for clients

There is a seismic global shift in expectations of corporate behaviour around environmental, social and governance issues, which parallels the escalation of climate change concerns.  This shift is evident in investor sentiment, the growth of dedicated ‘green’ funds, consumer preferences and government policy and regulation.

The EMM team know the challenges of creating sustainable value in practice from their deep projects and post-approvals experience.  Their fit for purpose, business case approach to ESG draws on diverse capabilities and experience in strategy, governance, regulation and policy, renewable energy, climate change adaptation, air and water quality, waste management, rehabilitation and closure, social impact assessment and communications and engagement. ESG methodologies coupled with our strategic advisory and technical services enable clients to:

·       Manage the material environmental, social and governance risks that impact your success.

·       Create a realistic, agile and effective plan for managing your ESG risks and opportunities that aligns to your corporate strategy.

·       Report trusted performance information to your key stakeholders such as investors, financiers, insurers, regulators and local communities, based on accepted standards.

·       Establish corporate governance and strategic communications arrangements that help you to gain key stakeholder trust in your management of your material ESG issues – and to mitigate risks such as ‘green washing’ criticism and unanticipated major ESG incidents.

The team are currently leveraging the strength of their international expertise from the Australian operations to assist mining clients in the Yukon and BC in developing an ESG strategy.

Creating opportunities in the community

The EMM team are committed to building a legacy that improves our environment and community, leaving it stronger for future generations. This ethos is fully aligned to their purpose of ‘creating opportunities’. One of the ways they are doing this is through a sponsorship with AFL Canada, where they are are (amongst other things) a Youth Mentor Program Partner for girls aged 9-16. The  Northern Lights Youth Mentor Project has been a resounding success since establishment only earlier this year. There are now three locations operational with just over 100 girls registered to play across three provinces: Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia. In partnership with AFL Canada, we are creating an opportunity for youth girls to learn about the great Aussie game, connect with meaningful mentors and take away valuable life lessons.

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