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DXP is an Australian company offering a tried, tested and proven premium fuel additive. Developed and manufactured in Australia by founder Neville Owen, DXP has been 30 years in development, field tested for the last 15 years, and in 2017 rebranded to be taken to the global market.

Refining the product from a specific Diesel additive to encompass all petroleum fuels has allowed the company to expand into all logistical markets while also bringing the profound benefits of the product to the domestic market. DXP is able to offer a far superior premium fuel enhancement, resulting in fuel savings, minimised carbon footprint, reduced maintenance downtime and engine longevity.

Directors and brothers of the company, Tony, Maury and James chose Canada to be the first port of call, holding a special interest with Maury Witts being a Canadian Resident. Also recognised was the minimum standard of fuel quality in Canada being one of the lowest in the western world. The affect trials have had on operations across Australia and Canada have resulted in the significant savings and benefits that this product offers. On the horizon is bringing the product to the New Zealand market, which has struggled for a long while in a limited fuel supply high cost industry.

The challenges faced globally is convincing operators and industry that this is not another ‘snake oil’. The market has been significantly burnt by sub-standard offering in the search for a quick dollar, at the expense of costly machinery. DXP stands by its product offering support and a guarantee that it is just not possible to be a detriment in anyway, the nature of the product and proven trials show a successful history of these results.

A common response we are seeing in the use of DXP, this from one of our original field testers and now long-term client, Paul Tipping of PBI Transport, Dubbo, NSW. Freighting fuel from Newcastle to Dubbo daily, with a Peterbilt CAT C15 550HP and averaging 1.9Km/L. Paul’s fuel usage improved to 2.3km/L, also noticing greater power, smoother operation and less smoke.

The latest success story for DXP in Australia has been the agreement with independent fuel distributor FuelnGo, looking for a product to put them in a field above all competition so they can expand their business across the country. Having tested all premium fuel additives, immediately recognising DXP stood noticeably above the competition.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the Canadian Industry and bringing the success of our product to the benefit of everyone involved.” – Tony Witts, Managing Director

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